May all beings be parted from clinging and aversion
Feeling close to some and distant from others
May they win the bliss that is especially sublime
May they find release from the sea of unbearable sorrow
And may they never be parted from freedom’s true joy.

— Michael Shea


Welcome to the home of Empty Wheel Shiatsu. Here you will find details regarding treatments, bookings, and costs. Please click on a link above for further information on specific aspects of this practice.

Empty Wheel Shiatsu is a form of healing and therapy rooted in the ancient healing practices of Taoism but which has grown, over two decades of personal development and continuous study, to take in understanding and methods from Western physical therapies, Sufism, Buddhism, Diamond Logos Essence work and others.

I have found that the best approach to healing is to treat each client as a whole that encompasses the fullness of their Being. As such, we (client and practitioner) look to integrate body, mind, and soul in order to manifest the innate healing power that exists in us all. When that power manifests we feel stronger, more capable, more grounded, more relaxed, and life develops a sense of ease and comfort. These qualities come to permeate every aspect of our lives, transforming not just our own inner sense and understanding but also transforming our lives and relationships in subtle and profound ways. We come to know ourselves and our life in a new way.

While Shiatsu is on par with many Western physical therapies in treating physical ailments (muscular and skeletal problems for example) it can take us deeply into the felt sense of our experience to reveal our deepest inner capacities, restoring energy and vitality that can be manifest in every aspect of our life to the benefit of ourselves, our families, and our friends.






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